Sunday, October 08, 2006

Busy lives

The last couple of weeks have been filled with activity. That, along with our painfully slow and sometimes sporadic Internet connection (over an hour to upload this little message), is our excuse for missing a week on the blog. Our apologies to all.

Among the most significant events of the past few weeks are the following:

* The roadside vendors outside our office building were forced to leave one day. Big trucks hauled away the shacks that couldn't be torn down in time.

* Steve coordinated a major rearranging of the office furniture.

* Our colleage who's house we have been sharing, moved out and we are adding our own personality to our new home. Steve has especially enjoyed working a bit in the yard.

* Celebrations and goodbyes. A surprise birthday party for a team mate brightened up last weekend; sad farewells to the team mate who is leaving filled this weekend.

* Tajoua the dog seems to be adjusting to us.

* We visited another savings/credit group in a different low-income neighborhood this week. It is neat to see the impact our work is having.

* We have enjoyed some nice sunsets near our house--overlooking the river (and the only bridge in the region)


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