Thursday, April 03, 2008

Quarterly visit to Tiembanga

My quarterly story on the family in Tiembanga is due at the end of April, but we will be in the States all month, so I did the interview this week.

With Marie leaving in June, I needed to find another Zarma-to-French translator (I translate the last step to English in my own head). I had already invited Auntie to come along because it was her day to come anyway to watch Timothy when it occurred to me... Auntie's mother tongue is Hausa, but she speaks Zarma, too! She has now agreed to be our new translator for future interviews -- how convenient is that?

So here we are, doing the interview. Marie is in the back of the photo, sitting on my left. Auntie is on my right, holding Tim.


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See Please Here

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I keep checking back for new posts... where oh where have my blogging friends GONE? Hope you are doing great!

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