Wednesday, January 27, 2010

3-month-old eyesight

Katie had another appointment with the Retina Foundation this morning. They determined that, at five months old, she is now seeing at about the ability level of a three-month-old. So that's an encouraging improvement!

One of the ladies commented how much she has grown and how well she now seems to be "tracking" with her eyes. We've definitely noticed that, too. It's fun to watch her follow and reach for toys and faces that are moved around in her line of vision.

The nystagmus is still there. They said that it will likely settle into a pendulum-type movement rather than the random roving that we've seen over the last few months. This is predicted to improve slightly as she gets older and learns how to focus (i.e. reading).

We're planning to return home to Africa in mid-February, so we still have a couple of weeks at my parents' house in Texas.

We just enjoyed a visit from Steve's parents from Guatemala.

Here's a recent picture of Tim and Katie together.


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