Monday, January 02, 2006

Trip through Switzerland and Southern France

Steve took a week off work and rented a BMW (this time he was given a 3-series). We drove through Switzerland on the 26th and had a delightful dinner with some relatives who live in France, just across the border from Geneva. The next day we continued on through Southern France. We saw some spectacular scenery along the way, including this bridge:

"Navi," the vehicle's navigation system, took us right to the village, though at times we wondered where she was taking us...
We like her ("Navi") a lot more now that we finally figured out how to mute her, so she can just show us where to turn on her little screen. After driving through the town, Steve recognized the V's house--from his visit last February.

The visit with the cousins was short but very relaxing. It was neat to hear the family play their instruments and sing together, play foosball and other games, and catch up on everyone's life.
Wednesday afternoon, they took us into the city of Toulouse where we met Michel's parents and walked around for a while. It was quite cold, but nice to get a better feel for the city anyway.

We left Thursday morning and decided to drive straight through to Munich. There was a lot of snow coming down in a few places, but we still made it home safely in just over 14 hours. Unfortunately our landlady wasn't expecting us home so early, so we had to wake her up (at 12:30 am) to unlatch the chain and let us into the house!
Although we spent so many hours in the car, the trip was refreshing and we can now both say we've been to (through) Switzerland.


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