Friday, February 02, 2007

Back to Togo

...after 7 1/2 years! I spent six weeks in Kara, Togo, in the summer of 1999. A dream come true, I finally got to show Steve all the places I went and some of the people I met when I was there.

Our first stop was at the SIL center in Kara where I spent most of my time that summer. It's changed some, but the "Bienvenue" (welcome) sign that I remember so well is still exactly where it was.

In addition to helping our friend Celeste pack up her home (and getting to keep lots of stuff ourselves!), we enjoyed seeing the front of the former cafe', "Chez Celeste," which she opened as part of her ministry in Togo. Here she is, posing for us out in front. It's now an electronics store, but the sign is still there...

I was also thrilled to track down my friend Rebecca, probably my best African friend during my time there in 1999. She was especially dear to me because she speaks English and my French was so bad at the time, so we spent lots of time talking. Now she's married and helping her husband run an English school in Kara.


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