Sunday, June 01, 2008

Pictures of Tim in Texas

This trip we focused on spending time with family, knowing we wouldn't really have a chance to see all of our friends in Texas. We look forward to seeing everybody next year when the three of us are back for home assignment -- we plan to really make the rounds, visiting as many people as we can.

Here are some pictures of Tim with various family members at my parents' house in Garland.

- Checking out Grandma's necklace

- Laughing with Uncle Harvey

- Sitting with Uncle John and company (including cousins Clayton and Candace, Ruth's two-month-old twins)

- Dancing with Grandpa

- "Leaning on God's Word"

- Swimming with Aunt Sarsah and Aunt Ruth


Blogger wlllle blogged said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

BUmmer, so sorry we missed you but great to see some new blog posts. That explains the big gap in time with no posting!

7:46 PM  

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