Monday, February 25, 2008

Life and Death--and Firsts

Can it really be? I find it hard to believe that we have posted nothing on the blog since Christmas. Where did time go?

January brought visits from Steve's boss and Tim's Grandma and Grandpa from Guatemala. All had a wonderful time getting to know (see, hear, touch) Timothy and learning more about our work. We spent many hours in the car to "show off" the country.

February brought two weeks in Dakar, Senegal for work-related meetings. Dakar seemed like Europe compared to where we live, with good ice-cream, beautiful scenery, apartment buildings--and lots of traffic.

Tim got to experience his first plane ride, first sight of the ocean, first ferry ride (to Goree island), first taxi ride, first time in a hotel, first stamps in his newly obtained passport (we've been working on getting it since October). He turned out to be fantastic traveler, and (thankfully) a quiet participant in our team meetings.

We came back from Dakar Friday night. Saturday morning Beth developed a bad case of malaria and Giardia. We are hoping she will be released from the hospital on Wednesday.

Sunday morning a family friend passed away from surgery complications. Monday afternoon Steve's Grandmother Thomas went to heaven--just as we were talking over the Internet to Steve's mom who was sitting next to her.

In the midst of life's challenges we feel tremendous peace and contentment. We have so much for which to be thankful.